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Mini 3000PSS for asbestos removal
Mini 3000PSS installed at an aluminum smelter for collecting alumina in super sacks minimizing dust in the air.

Diesel Excavator for railroad car cleaning
Diesel Excavator with operator boring for utility location.

Multi-Vac Systems can be uniquely designed to your specifications. Here are just a few applications our customers have put Multi-Vac systems to work at:

Vacuum and Pressure Systems
Vacuuming material from one container and pressure loading to another container.

General Plant Cleanup
Cleaning of spills and bulk piles, removing material or dust build up on walls, overhead beams and pipes, under conveyors and machinery.

Material Recovery
Picking and collecting material of value. Also separating material of different weights, so one or both of the materials can be reused or sold.

Bin and Bulk Loading/Unloading
With the use of a Vacuum and an Intercept Hopper we can unload and load in one operation.

Central Manifold Systems
We can size the vacuum system, design and size the piping system so there are multiple pick up points.

With the addition of load cells and super sacks, you can bulk weigh or bulk package.

Rail road car cleaning from spills, conveyors, and bulk packaging can be picked up very quickly and with little or no dust. Explosive dust can be handled with our explosive proof vacuums. Hazardous dust such as asbestos can be picked up safely with dustless asbestos removal option.

Pneumatic Conveying Systems
Transporting a wide variety of materials through a central vacuum system.

Move a wide variety of free flowing material from one place to another.

Machining & Milling
Picking up machining and milling steel or iron chips, normally with a high volume of cutting oils.

Belt Loading Vacuum Systems
By using rotary airlocks and double flap valves, we can continuously vacuum and dump on belt conveyors for uniform loading of conveyor.

Belt Spillage Cleanup
Cleaning of spills from conveyors

Dump Truck Loading
Loading roll off boxes and dump trucks with a cantilevered hydraulic hopper that can be trailer or truck mounted.

Roof Pea Gravel Removal
Vacuum gravel from roofs for repair or replacement, and loaded in a bin or truck below.

Hazard Cleanup Vacuum Systems
Asbestos removal or contaminated earth can be cleaned up and collected with no dust released. Explosion proof vacuums can safely handle explosive dust in grain processing, power plants, and other explosive atmospheres.

Water & Slurry Removal and Recycling
Adding a couple of options allows us to vacuum slurries and liquids.

Low Headroom Mining
We have built low profile vacuums for areas with low clearances such as the mining industry.

High-Temperature Applications
Multi-Vac can handle high temperature applications. These normally requires special engineering and construction requirements.

Special Engineered Applications
We have conveyed very light materials such as insulation and saw dust. Very heavy materials like copper and lead ore, and steel grit and shot. Sticky materials like lactose and dextrin, and filtering nightmares like carbon black and mercury waste.

Shot Blast Recovery
We can vacuum blast media for recovery and drop into classifiers or cleaners for reusing.

D.O.T. Truck Cleaning
D.O.T. is requiring trucks be clean prior to entering the highways. Multi-Vac has been used to clean excess material from trucks.

Vacuum and Water Pressure Excavation
For utility locating by boring location holes with vacuum for dry excavation, allows reusing material to fill hole. Also high pressure water excavation for the hard to bore holes and cleaning of utility.

Plus many more...

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