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Vacuum Equipment
30 HP Conversion with Multi-Vac Baghouse and Reverse Pulse Jet Cleaning

Hi-Vac vacuum Equipment
Rebuilt 50HP Hi-Vac unit

For approximately half the cost of a new machine, we can replace old-fashioned bags and cages or expensive cartridges of our competitorís vacuum equipment with our "No Tools Required" filters and cages access, removal, and replacement system. Old Hi-Vac equipment can be rebuilt to like new performance and returned to you with rebuilt warranties. Many of these old vacuums are taken on trade ins and rebuilt and placed in our vacuum rental fleet for rental to our customers.

The Industrial Vacuum Conversion Process

  1. Complete disassembly, inspection, sandblasting and replacement or repair of worn and damaged parts.
  2. Motor testing for correct current draw and speed.
  3. Vacuum pump inspected and tested at full vacuum and rebuilt if necessary
  4. New Multi-Vac V-Belt Drive added for maximum performance.
  5. Control panel is reconfigured to the Multi-Vac system.
  6. Replacement of gaskets, seals, etc.
  7. After the re-assembly of the machine, a shop test is performed to ensure maximum performance.
  8. Final painting is applied after all testing is completed and documented.
  9. The resulting vacuum equipment has a new appearance and performance.

Upgrades Offered

  • Cartridge to Bag Upgrades, selection of proper filter media for your application
  • Vacuum Pump Rebuilding
  • Dust Collector Upgrades
  • HEPA Filter with Prefilter Upgrades
  • Control System Upgrades
  • Conversion to Reverse Pulse Jet Filter Cleaning System

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