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Our Multi-Vac Industrial Vacuum Systems come in a variety of different sizes and capabilities that can be customized to your specific use. Whether you are in need of a stationary vacuum system to connect to a plant piping system or an industrial portable vacuum to move about the plant, or as an enhancement to your existing air pollution control equipment, we have the proper vacuum equipment to meet your needs.

With more and more stringent EPA requirements, the need for dustless collection and dumping is required. The use of the Super Sack for collection and disposal is increasing.
stationary vacuum systems industrial portable vacuums stationary vacuum systems with counter weight gate
Stationary Vacuum System
discharging into a Super Sack
Fork Lift Truck Portable Vacuum Stationary Vacuum System with Counter Weight Gate for batch discharging.
Stationary Vacuum System with Rotary Air Lock Stationary Intercept Hopper Fork Lift Truck Portable industrial vacuum
Stationary Vacuum System with Rotary Air Lock for continuous discharging. Stationary Intercept Hopper with Double Flap Valve for continuous discharging of large particles and abrasive materials. Fork Lift Truck Portable Intercept Hopper for loading and unloading of materials.

Multi-Vac offers several ways to collect and unload from the hopper. Different types of discharge valves can be provided.

air operated swing gate rotary air lock industrial portable vacuum part double flap valve stationary vacuum system part Orifice Gate
Air Operated Swing Gate mounted on a Bottom Dump Hopper Rotary Airlock, Side Entry, shown just before mounting Double Flap Valve mounted on a Bottom Dump Hopper Orifice Gate mounted on a Bottom Dump Hopper

Self Dumping Hopper on Lift Cart - allows dumping material into a tote box up to 34 high. Available as standard on our Super Mini Series.

Fork Lift Truck Portable Self Dumping Hopper - Allows transporting of a Self Dumping Hopper by a fork lift truck. Available as standard 3/4 cu. yd. on our Mini Series and 2 cu. yd. on our Millennium Series

Counter Weighted Gate - standard on our Stationary Vacuum Systems allow batch dumping. As hopper fills, the high level probe senses a full hopper and turns off vacuum, loss of vacuum and weight of product opens gate, once emptied counterweight closes gate, and vacuum can be restarted.

Air Operated Swing Gate Option - allows batch dumping on stationary vacuum systems, as hopper fills the high level probe will shut down vacuum. Collected material will not be dumped until an operator moves hand lever valve to open swing gate. Once hopper is emptied, operator moves hand lever valve to close gate, vacuum can be restarted.

Rotary Airlock Option - allows continuous dumping on stationary vacuum systems. Material should be rather free flowing and uniform size, so it does not get jammed in the airlock. Maintains a seal on the vacuum side while dumping product on the other side of the airlock.

Double Flap Dump Valve Option - uses a double flap operation and a small compartment between flaps for continuous dumping. Used for large particle and abrasive material. Flap on vacuum side opens and drops a quantity of product into compartment while unload flap is closed. Vacuum flap closes, then unload flap opens dumping product into container. Unload flap closes and vacuum flap opens dumping next quantity of product into compartment and it keeps cycling this way for continuous operation.

Orifice Gate Option - allows batch dumping on Stationary Vacuum Systems, operation similar to our Air Operated Swing Gate, except it does not require the clearance under the hopper that the swing gate requires. Orifice Gate is ideal for batch loading of Super Sack or Drum Adapter.

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