Whether it is a standard model with quick delivery or custom specifications, we are here to work with you.

Multi-Vac is a manufacturer of heavy duty, continuous duty industrial portable vacuums, stationary vacuum systems , trailer mounted vacuums and truck mounted vacuums, which can be powered electrically, by gasoline, LP gas, or Diesel.  We have manufactured vacuums for explosive atmospheres.  We can provide filters with special filter media such as TeflonŽ Coated, PTFE Membrane and Nomex. Vacuums requiring sand blasting with special paint and coatings are completed in-house.

Continuous duty industrial vacuum systems are fitted with a positive displacement vacuum pump. As suction increases with increased material flow, Multi-Vac industrial vacuums develop only the power required to move the material.  Noise reducing discharge silencers are incorporated into the motor/vacuum pump base. An optional secondary silencer can be installed on the exhaust stack for further noise reduction.

By using conservative design standards with all our continuous duty industrial vacuum systems we have produced a machine which will have a superior operating life span and require minimum maintenance. A 2 year warranty is furnished with all Multi-Vac Industrial Vacuum System.

Multi-Vac industrial vacuum systems are made completely at our plant in Union Grove, Wisconsin U.S.A. This allows us to provide rigid quality control. In addition, when custom specifications are needed, we are here to work with you.  Our goal is to manufacture what the customer requires, we can add HEPA filtration, cable reels, service platforms or super sack loading and a wide range of other specifications and features.

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