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Mini 3000S foundry supplies
Mini 3000S with a material feed hopper conveys copper and nickel balls in a mint

Mini 5000S asbestos handling equipment
Mini 5000S installed at a cement facility

Because Multi-Vac equipment is so customizable, many different kinds of industries including car cleaning, asbestos handling equipment and more have turned to Multi-Vac as the solution to their problems; and due to the reliability and durability, our customers continue to return to Multi-Vac.

Brick Manufacturer
We are picking up brick particles and chips from between rows of brick before entering kiln. This improves curing time by improving air circulation between the bricks.

Railroad Industry
Unloading hopper cars containing plastic pellets with vacuum and loading with pressure system; railroad car cleaning expertise.

Chemical Manufacturer
Clean out and reload reactors.

Charcoal Manufacturer
Clean up spills around conveyors.

We offer foundry supplies to aid in pit cleaning of foundry sand and recovery of foundry sand.

We are picking up broken cookies from floor and underneath conveyor, as well as globs of peanut butter and other fillings.

Power Plant
Clean up of fly ash and recovery of coal.

Steel Manufacturer
Picking up mill scale

Abrasive Manufacturer
Pick up and recovery of abrasive media.

Chip Board Manufacturer
Pneumatic conveying of wood chips and clean up of dust.

Lime Manufacturer
Cleaning dust off floors, overhead beams and pipes, as well as picking up bulk spills.

Copper Mine
pneumatic conveying of copper ore and clean up around conveyors.

Engine Manufacturer
Cleaning machining chips from coolant tanks

Nickel Mine
pneumatic conveying of nickel ore and clean up around conveyors

Cement Manufacturer
Bulk packaging creates spills and dust. Clean up is necessary to keep operators from breathing dust.

Insulation Manufacturer
In the production of ceiling tile, dust accumulates on window sills, overhead beams and pipes causing a potential fire hazard. Clean up with our vacuums is fast, dustless and a potential savings in insurance premiums.

Lead Smelter
Truck cleaning station prior to leaving plant.

Refractory Manufacturer
Cleaning of bagging stations and the loading of super sacks

Tire Manufacturer
Picking up carbon black and rubber particles.

Tile Manufacturer
Cleaning of conveyors and dust removal from walls and overhead beams and piping.

Rubber Molder
Station clean up in the manufacturing of large rubber gym mats.

Pipe Manufacturer
Picking up mill scale.

Window/Door Manufacturer
Pneumatic conveying of wood chips and clean up of saw dust.

Paper & Pulp Industry
Wood chips fall off conveyor and the dust clings to walls and equipment. Regular house cleaning reduces a fire hazard and insurance premiums.

Food Preparation
In two packing houses, we are picking up scraps of meat off the floor and blood spills, this produced savings in water consumption.

Gold Mine
pneumatic conveying of copper ore and clean up around conveyors.

Tube Manufacturer
Picking up mill scale

If you would like to minimize labor, downtime, and cost; and increase efficiency and productivity, contact a Multi-Vac representative today!

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