Intercept Hoppers

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Portable vacuum equipment intercept hopper
Fork Lift Truck Portable Intercept Hopper

stationary intercept hopper
Stationary Intercept Hoppers shown with standard level probe and optional air operated swing gate

Multi-Vac Intercept Hoppers can be used to reclaim picked up material or separate material of different bulk densities. The heavier material drops out of the air-stream into the Intercept Hopper, the remaining dust and fines continue on and are collected at the main filter/receiver/hopper of the vacuum equipment being used as the vacuum source.

The Stationary Intercept Hopper was used in asbestos removal applications to provide a dustless collection of the material and dustless discharging to Super Sacks for disposal.

Steel shot is reclaimed using Stationary Intercept Hoppers to capture the heavier material, while the dust travels to the filter/receiver/hopper. The reclaimed steel shot is dumped back into the system through a cleaner.

Intercept Hopper Features

  • Available in Stationary or Fork Lift Truck Portable
  • Can be installed in many configurations
  • “Hopper Full” shut down level probe
  • Dual inlets, dual inlet target deflectors
  • No internal baffles or ledges to create bridging and retard the flow of collected material
  • Standard and custom units available

A properly sized and installed Intercept Hopper can reclaim or separate 90 – 95% of collected material.

Intercept Hoppers are used in high temperature pick up applications.

Intercept Hoppers can be used to load a bin or silo.

Our Intercept Hopper is equipped with a high level probe, unless otherwise specified by customer.

Addition of perforated baffles and drains allows water or oil separation from material.

Request a quote today for removing hazardous material or reclaiming valuable or reusable material like asbestos removal or steel shot recovery with the use of our vacuum equipment.

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