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industrial portable vacuum cleaner
This vacuum system was installed in a beef packing plant to remove scrap beef from floors and equipment

industrial vacuum for brick cleanup
Vacuum had special customer paint color and secondary silencer for removing brick chips automatically from kiln cars

Our dedication to quality construction gives our Multi-Vac equipment exceptional durability and capability in handling materials, asbestos removal, steel shot, and more. Below are examples of materials Multi-Vac equipment can handle. The foundry supplies quite a number of applications for our equipment. If the material you wish to handle is questionable, feel free to contact one of our representatives for a consultation.

Picking up and conveying abrasive material in cutting wheel and manufacturing. Also in blasting operations.

We convey tons of material for mining and aluminum smelters in USA, Canada, Chile and other places around the world.

Aluminum Scrap
Picking up scrap from aluminum foundries

Asbestos removal from the environment through dust less collection.

Clean up of ash from power plants.

Conveying bark from the clean wood chips in a paper mill.

Removing brick chips between rows of bricks prior to entering kiln for improved drying times.

Carbon Black
We provide the proper filtration and bag cleaning when handling this material

Cleaning catalyst from reactors

Pneumatic conveying of cement and clean up of dust. Picking up material from spillage from bagging operation

Ceramic Particles
Collecting used material for reclamation

Pneumatic conveying of cereal and clean up of dust. Picking up material from spillage from packaging operation

Cleaning catalyst from reactors

Clean up and convey at mining operations and excavating.

Clean up and convey at many cement facilities across the country.

Clean up and convey at a number of power plants in USA and Canada

Clean up and convey at glass manufacturers.

Cleaning up and removing dust build up on walls, overhead beams and pipes, under conveyors and machinery.

Collecting fertilizer and separating from dust without material degraduation for bagging operation.

Picking up used material from spillage from bagging operation

Picking up spillage from grain processing sometimes vacuums require explosive atmosphere construction.

Lead Oxide
Pneumatic conveying for the mining industry

Pneumatic conveying of lime and limestone and clean up of dust. Picking up material from spillage from bagging operation

With the addition of Teflon Coated Filter Bags and a Wet Level Probe, you can vacuum liquids

Metal Chips
Clean up of metal chips from machining and milling operations. Sometimes we add a perforated steel baffle with drain in the hopper to separate cutting oil from material.

Mill Scale
Clean up from steel and tubing manufacturer.

Mineral Wool
Conveyed and separated the mineral wool from the cement in the manufacture of rock board. This application required some of the same equipment you would use in asbestos removal.

Ore Pellets
Pneumatic conveying of ore from mining industry.

We convey tons of material for the mining industry in USA, Canada, Chile and other places around the world

Conveying shredded paper for recycling

Plastic Pellets
Conveying plastic pellets from railroad hopper cars and pressure loading to another hopper car

Collecting used valuable material for reclamation.

Pneumatic conveying of rocks and gravel, picking up various ores

Rubber Particles
In the manufacture and recycling of tires and brake shoes.

The foundry supplies different applications from cleaning up foundry sand from pits, under conveyors, to recycling from broken cores and molds.

Clean up at paper mills, particle board manufacturer and window manufacturer.

Shot and Grit
Reclamation of steel shot and grit from blasting operations, so material can be classified and cleaned for reuse.

Pick up in steel and tubing manufacturer for scrap value. Vacuum clean plate surfaces for vacuum pick up of sheets and plate.

removing dirt and mud from material storage pits.

Pneumatic conveying in the manufacture of insulation and ceiling tile. Picking up broken pieces of ceiling tile

Wood Chips
Pneumatic conveying of wood chips in the manufacture chip and particle board, charcoal and the paper industry. Also the pick up of spills and dust.

We can pick up a wide variety of materials including steel shot and we can aid in asbestos removal. The more free flowing the material the easier it is to convey.

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