Millennium Series Industrial Portable Vacuums

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Fork Lift Truck industrial Portable Vacuums
Model 5000 Fork Lift Truck Portable Vacuum

Model 5000 Fork Lift industrial vacuum systems
Model 5000 Fork Lift Truck Portable Vacuum from load side

Multi-Vac™ Millennium Series Industrial Portable Vacuums are engineered to provide long service life with minimal maintenance attention! Each vacuum has a standard 2 cubic yard hopper capacity which means less time traveling to dump material and more time working.

When service is required, our "NO TOOLS REQUIRED"SM industrial vacuum system provides immediate access, removal, and replacement of filters and cages. These features can save hours over some of the competition's designs. Multi-Vac™ vacuums are equipped with a state-of-the-art reverse pulse jet filter cleaning system for continuous operation and does not have to be shut down for cleaning.

Multi-Vac™ industrial vacuum systems are fitted with a positive displacement vacuum pump. As suction increases with increased material flow, Multi-Vac™ develops only the power required to move the material. The maximum vacuum generated is 16" Hg. This is enough to flow the material, yet remains within the specifications of the pump manufacturer.

By using such conservative design standards with all our components, we have produced an industrial portable vacuum which will have a superior operating life span and require minimum maintenance. Multi-Vac stands by each product and a 2 year warranty is furnished with all Multi-Vac™ Systems. With a wide range of capacities available, there is a Multi-Vac™ vacuum to suit your application!

Material as heavy as steel shot are conveyed with these heavy duty units.

The Fork Lift Truck Portable Vacuum can be used with permanent piping systems as a stationary vacuum system and if required quickly disconnected for portable use in other areas of the plant.

Millennium Series Specifications

Model HP ICFM @ 16” Hg Air: Cloth Ratio Weight (lbs)
3000 30 720 2.5 6,100
4000 40 860 3.0 6,700
5000 50 1,245 4.5 6,900
7500 75 1,550 6.1 7,200

The above vacuum units are supplied with a 2 cu. yd. fork lift truck portable air lift stand and self dumping hopper. The Millennium Series is a completely portable vacuum system. A complete range of nozzles, hose assemblies and fittings, are available from 1½" to 10" in diameter. Smaller hose diameters are used to handle heavier material like steel shot and grit.

Millennium Series Optional Features

  • Filter Cartridges, Special Filter Media
  • Explosion Proof or Explosive Atmosphere Construction
  • LP Gas or Diesel Powered
  • Liquid Handling Wet Level Probe
  • Trailer and Truck Mounted Units
  • Interceptor Hoppers
  • Power Cord Reels
  • HEPA Filters
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Special Paint or Coatings

Stationary versions of the Millennium Series

The Millennium Series is also available in a stationary design with a complete range of hopper sizes and discharge valve configurations.

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