Mini Series Industrial Portable Vacuums

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Fork Lift Truck Industrial Portable Vacuum
Model Mini 3000 Fork Lift Truck Portable Vacuum

Fork Lift Industrial Portable Vacuum
Model Mini 3000 Fork Lift Truck Portable Vacuum with Hopper Pulled Out

The Mini Series compact vacuums cleaners are portable, completely assembled, and will fit through an 8' high door. The Mini Series can also be explosion proof vacuums.

The standard 3/4 cubic yard hopper capacity means less time traveling to dump material and more time working. Any free-flowing material can be handled by these machines. This compact design is available in 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 hp models, and all are supplied with a 3/4 cu. yd. fork lift truck portable, air lift stand and self-dumping hopper.

All models feature our "NO TOOLS REQUIRED"SM access and filter/cage removal and replacement system. When service is required, these features can save on hours of down time unlike some of the competition’s designs. By adding the HEPA filter option your vacuum can be a HEPA vacuum cleaner.

Positive displacement vacuum pumps are v-belt driven for optimum performance and the filter bags are cleaned on a ”On Demand” basis with a programmable reverse pulse jet.

A built in level probe shuts the unit down whenever the hopper is full.

Liquids require a capacitance type wet high level probe.

The Mini Series can run on a 460 volt, 40 amp welding outlet. Model Mini 3000 for this reason is the most popular model we supply to the foundry industry so next time you are searching the web under foundry supplies for vacuums, the mini 3000 is the choice of the foundry industry. Also other industries with welding outlets throughout the plant.

As in the case with all Multi-Vac™ units, the dust collector bottom is open to the hopper with no internal baffles or ledges to create bridging and retard the flow of collected material into the hopper. In addition this greatly reduces the cross contamination when handling different material.

Its hard to believe but with all these features, the completely assembled Mini Series are portable by a 5000 lb fork lift truck!

The Fork Lift Truck Portable Vacuum can be used with permanent piping systems as a stationary vacuum system and if required quickly disconnected for portable use in other areas of the plant.

Mini Series Specifications:

Model HP ICFM Air:Cloth Ratio Weight (lbs)
Mini l000 10 270 @ 14” Hg 2.4 3,600
Mini l500 15 355 @ 14” Hg 3.2 3,900
Mini 2000 20 440 @ 16” Hg 4.0 4,000
Mini 2500 25 600 @ 16” Hg 5.3 4,280
Mini 3000 30 720 @ 16” Hg 6.5 4,380

Mini Series Optional Features

  • Filter Cartridges, Special Filter Media
  • Explosion Proof Vacuums or Explosive Atmosphere Construction
  • LP Gas or Diesel Powered
  • Liquid Handling Wet Level Probe
  • Trailer and Truck Mounted Units
  • Interceptor Hoppers
  • Power Cord Reels
  • HEPA vacuum cleaners and filters.
  • 2 cubic yard Air Lift Stand and Self Dumping Hopper Upgrade
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Special Paint or Coatings

Stationary Version of Mini Series

The Mini Series is also available in a stationary design with a complete range of hopper sizes and discharge valve configurations.

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