Stationary Vacuum Systems

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Multi-Vac stationary vacuum systems can be used as a central industrial vacuum system, pneumatic vacuum conveying system of material, batching, continuous discharge, loading or unloading.

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Model Mini 5000S Stationary Vacuum System with Service Platform and Leg Support Clearance for 8’ wide x 6’ high Roll Off Box

Model 7500S Stationary Vacuum System with Orifice Gate Valve and Super Sack Attachment

Model 4000S with 32 cu. Ft. hopper explosive atmosphere construction and air operated swing gate valve. Model 5000S with service platform super sack attachment and air operated orifice gate valve.

Vacuum Pump, Motor, V-Belt Drive, and Control Panel Power Packs™

  • 7 1/2 HP to 250 HP
  • All controls at ground level for easy access

Filter/Receiver/Hopper Module

  • 16 cubic feet to 16 cubic yard capacities
  • "No Tools Required" filter/cage inspection, removal, and replacement system
  • Dual inlets, dual inlet target deflectors
  • Power a vacuum conveying system throughout the plant with piping manifold with multiple inlets for hose assemblies with nozzles

Our wide range of discharge valves are available depending on whether you batch dump or continuous dump.  Also, the type of material dictates what type of valve you should be using.  The types of valves are described on the Custom Versatility page.  Other industrial vacuum systems options are also available such as: explosive atmosphere construction, different type of filter bags or cartridges, special coating and paint.

Different leg support clearances in height and width allows for different loading containers, for example: roll-off boxes, open bins, super sacks and drums.

Also see Mini and Millennium Series Fork Lift Truck Portable Vacuums, these portable units can also be used in a stationary vacuum system or central vacuum system and then be quickly disconnected by using a quick coupling for use in other areas of the plant.

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